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Organisational Structure

In order to respond with success to its objectives, STHEV continuously adapts and modernises its structure, in order to have flexibility and effectiveness. Today STHEV is based on the parallel operation of four bodies:


The General Board, the top counselling body, meets three times a year, follows the course of affairs of the Association, and expresses opinions on subjects that preoccupy the enterprises. It consists of thirty members, which are elected for a three-year service by the General Assembly of Members that elects also the Administrative Council. In the meetings of the General Board participate ipso jure the Chairmen all the sector-based or regional organisations that are Members of STHEV, as well as the former Chairmen of ATHI and the Members of Administrative Council.

the Committees permanent or provisional that are constituted by members of Administration and its Service, as well as by its executives members, in order to follow and opine in important subjects of strategy. The committees constitute a particularly powerful body of configuration of stances and strategy.

the Council of Chairmen of the Association consists by all the people who have served as Chairmen, either of the Administrative Council of or Executive Committee, its Chairman is the Chairman of the Administrative Council of STHEV and is convened by him regularly at least once a year and extraordinarily when he thinks it is necessary.


The Assembly of Members constitutes the top body of STHEV, in which all the Members are represented whether they are companies or associations. Each representative has the right of vote. It elects a 14 member Administrative Council of a three-year tenure, which manages the ATHI and engraves its strategy.

The Chairman of STHEV selects from the members of Administrative Council, with its approval, an' Executive Committee of a few members, which he chairs and with the help of this committee he watches, directs and checks the work of the Association.


The Service, which is directed by the General Director of ATHI, constitutes by the permanent personnel of STHEV.
Department of promoting issues:
Public Relations:
Training Programms:
Economic issues:


Since STHEV is a valued social partner, is called and it participates in Administrative Councils, committees or other forms of collective bodies that aim at the configuration or even application of policy that influences the enterprising environment. In certain cases, its attendance is institutional, that is to say it is enforced by legislation, while in other cases it is called because it is considered to represent the business community and conveys validly and effectively the needs of business people and market.

The representatives of ATHI in these bodies collaborate with the Administration and the Service of STHEV in order to coordinate the opinions and the places that are promoted in them.







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