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STHEV was founded in 1957 with its base in Larissa and it is a non-profit making association of Civil Law. Its activity is financed basically by the subscriptions of its members.

Its members are the legal persons, the industries, and its activity expands to the entire region of Thessaly. The Members of the Association are as well companies' organisations, the members of which are considered extraordinary members of STHEV.

Its ordinary members, are companies of various sizes. Most of them are SME's. STHEV makes great efforts to support their business activities.

Most of the members of the Association (85%) are manufacture companies, from all the sectors of business activity such as: food, cloth, textile, agriculture machinery, plastic and synthetic materials, metal construction, shoe, chemical, wood, paper, furniture, refrigeration, aluminium, glassworks and graphic arts companies.

But there is also the possibility for other companies such as computers, advertising, insurance and other activities which are related to and have mutual interests with the manufacture sector, to become members of STHEV.







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